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An innovative 3D hexagon ceramic wall tile, the Hedron Collection, plays with light and shadow to give your walls visual depth and dimension. The 5”x4” Hedron, offered in eight bold colors presents numerous options to add bold and subtle geometric relief to your walls. This series comes in glossy, matte and metallic finishes. Mix and match the colors, finishes and patterns to create unique wallscapes.

White 4"x 5" - Hedron Collection

Color: White
  • Material Decorative
    Series Name Hedron
    Series Color


    Actual Sheet Size

    4"x 5"

    Nominal Sheet Size 4"x 5"
    Thickness 0"
    Shade Variation V2
    Shape                  Hexagon                   
    Country of Origin     Spain                        

    Gloss & Matte


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