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Inspired by the beautiful sunsets reflecting off the coastal rocks in Maine, the Acadia Collection is a metal mosaic series that shows off these stunning russet tones. The first is a vibrant henna color with hints of gold and bronze. The second is a darker, more oxidized shade in beautiful browned copper with an aged wood look. Acadia will be amazing as an accent wall or backsplash in your next interior project.

Islesford Copper 2"x 6" -Acadia Collection

Color: Copper
  • Material Resin/Metal
    Series Name Acadia
    Series Color

    Islesford Copper

    Actual Sheet Size 9-" x 15-3/4"
    Nominal Sheet Size 9" x 16"
    Thickness 1/4"
    Shade Variation V3
    Country of Origin                  China                                              
    Shape                                  Linear .                                            
    Finishes Brushed
    Mosaic Size 2"x 6"


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