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Reminiscent of indigenous bricks from around the world, Avondale is a simple and rustic thin-brick tile that will add style and charm to your project . It’s available in a two finishes, Antik Brick and Smooth Brick, and four colors, Early Grey, Normandy Cream, Sidewalk and Used Red. Antik is 2”x8” and Smooth is 4”x8”. Early Grey, Normandy Cream and Sidewalk also comes in Smooth Brick in three sizes: 4”x12”, 8”x8” square and 8” hexagon. Corner pieces are available in all finishes and colors.

Early Gray 2"x 8"- Avondale Collection

  • Material Decorative
    Series Name Avondale
    Series Color

    Early Gray

    Actual Sheet Size 2" x 8"
    Nominal Sheet Size 2" x 8"
    Thickness 1/2"
    Shade Variation V3
    Shape                 Rectangle                                           




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