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Canyon Ridge® Modern Series faux wood garage doors are constructed from a durable, low-maintenance, composite material that won’t rot, warp or crack.

As versatile and realistic-looking as natural wood but requiring far less upkeep, the Modern Series door designs feature key elements of contemporary architecture: clean, horizontal lines with mid-century appeal, sleek window styles and aluminum accents. These faux wood doors are a perfect complement to other natural materials and textures on your home’s exterior


CANYON RIDGE® Collection - Modern Series - Plank Long Windows Down Both Sides

  • Clopay offers a complete portfolio of design options for homeowners who love the look of wood, but not the upkeep.

    Constructed in durable, low-maintenance steel and composite, these faux wood alternatives offer the best of both worlds – the realism and beauty of a natural stained wood appearance combined with the strength and energy efficiency of insulated steel.

    Clopay’s extensive selection of faux overlays, designs, windows, decorative hardware and finish colors can complement any home style and budget.


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