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The Chateau Collection is a versatile series that combines 12”x24” and 24”x24” honed porcelain tile with 4”x8” glazed ceramic wall tile. The smoky shades of Canvas, Smoke, Tobacco, Ocean and Midnight pair beautifully with the collection’s four 12”x12” patterned porcelain deco tiles. Use Chateau to create contemporary, industrial-look designs. Soften the look with the geometric and floral motif decos. The series is complete with porcelain and ceramic bullnose, plus a porcelain 2”x2” mosaic.

Canvas Ocean 12"x 12" - Chateau Collection

  • Material Porcelain
    Series Name  Chateau
    Series Color Canvas Ocean
    Actual Size 12"x 12"
    Nominal Size 12"x 12"
    Thickness 1/4"
    Country of Origin United States
    Shade Variation V3
    Shape Square


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