The Calacatta Oro Collection, known for its exquisite movement, is now available in a honed 18"x36" size. With field tile options in 12"x12", 12"x24", 18"x18", 18"x36" & 24"x24" in polished and honed finishes, the Calacatta Oro Collection is also available in 2cm slabs with various finish options. This Italian, marble-made beauty is sure to make your space luxurious and stunning.

Calacatta Oro - Calacatta Oro Collection

  • Material Decorative
    Series Name Calacatta Oro
    Series Color

    Calacatta Oro

    Actual Sheet Size 12-13/16" x 16-1/16"
    Nominal Sheet Size 12.5"x 16"
    Thickness 3/8"
    Shade Variation V1
    Country of Origin                  Italy                                       
    Shape                                  Linear                                    
    Finishes Polished