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The Cloe Collection is glazed ceramic wall tile characterized by its brilliant colors, smooth gloss finish and interesting variations in hues and tones. Its eight colors: White, Creme, Baby Blue, Grey, Pink, Green, Blue and Black, can be used in a wide range of combinations. Cloe’s two sizes, 5”x5” and 2.5”x8”, allow for modern and classic looks. For a pop of pattern, we’ve included a 5”x5” black and white Loire deco. Trim out your projects with the ½”x8 Jolly Miter Edge Trim in a gloss finish.

Blue 2.5" x 8"- Cloe Collection

Color: Blue
  • Material Ceramic
    Series Name Cloe
    Series Color 


    Actual Size 2-1/2" x 7-13/16"
    Nominal Size 2.5" x 8"
    Thickness 5/16"
    Shade Variation  V4                         
    Shape .              Rectangle              
    Finishes Gloss


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